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Managing nameservers allows you to set the nameservers responsible for your domain by choosing between default or custom nameservers.

To manage your domain nameservers, you will have to Login to your Greens247 account.

After successfully logging in, you will need to click DOMAINS.

This will display a list of domains registered with Greens247.  Click the row containing the domain name you want to manage, and then when the page loads on the left sidebar click Manage Nameservers. Instead of clicking the row containing the domain name you want to manage, you could click on the drop down menu arrow on the right of the domain name's row and select Manage Nameservers from the drop down menu.



Changes to your domain name my take 15 minutes and up to 72 hours to propagate to other nameservers worldwide.



You may set the domain to use the default name servers specifically assigned for that domain, or use up to five custom name severs. It all depends on how you want things set up.  To setup custom name severs, click Use custom nameservers, and input your name server example, It is advisable to use at least two namesevers.


Last update: October 20th, 2018

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