How to reset the VPS root password?

This articles explains how to reset your VPS root login password. This is needed when you receive your VPS for the first time in order to force you to change the default password to enhance security. You may also reach on to this article if you have lost your login password and need to reset it.

Before we begin, you must login to your account. If you are not the account owner, you must ask the account owner to delegate access to your account so you can see service associated with the sever.

Procedures to reset VPS password:

  • Open the service page on your account portal, and click the row of the service and not the link to the domain name associated with it.
  • Once the service page is open, you should see the VPS associated with this service, or list of VPSs. If you do not see the VPSs click on list all on the side menu on the left.
  • Now that you see all the VPSs, jump into the VPS by clicking the arrow to take you to the VPS dashboard.
  • Look for the "Change Password" option and click it.
  • Enter the new password and apply the change by clicking the button.
  • Look for the "Power off" button and click it, wait 10 seconds and click the start button. You need to be cautious because this will restart your VPS and any unsaved work will be lost, any established connections to the VPS will be lost as it shuts down and reboots.

You have successfully changed your password. If you have faced any technical issued, be sure to start a support ticket and our technical experts will assist you in resolving it.

Last update: May 18th, 2020

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