Recommended performance tweaks for Cloudflare

Once you’ve created your account and added your website to Cloudflare, you can customize your performance settings in the Dashboard under the Speed and Caching apps along the top navigation menu. There, you can manage your settings, according to your performance needs.

We recommend turning on the following:
-Auto Minify CSS
- Auto Minify HTML
Auto minify will reduce the size of the CSS or HTML files by removing spaces and other unnecessary parts of the file to make it more efficient.

Railgun accelerates and secures delivery of dynamic content, through compression and WAN network optimization of communication between Cloudflare data centers and an origin server, speeding up requests that can’t be served directly from Cloudflare cache.

Railgun improves page load time by:

  • Compressing content by tracking differences between page versions (down to the byte), only sending the parts that have actually changed.
  • Maintaining a single persistent connection for multiple simultaneous requests, eliminating network connection latency.
  • Caching dynamic content that changes frequently or is personalized.

You can know more about Railgun here.


Last update: October 24th, 2018

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