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To properly configure Cloudflare and complete the initial setup process, you need to update your domain's nameservers and use the nameservers proviced by Cloudflare instead of the default namesevers provided by your domain registrar. To route your web traffic through the Cloudflare network you need to change your original nameservers to the Cloudflare nameservers.

First, you need to have your Cloudflare namesevers on hand. Please note that these nameservers are assigned specifically for your domain, thus only use those provided on your account during signup, or get them from your Cloudflare dashboard after signing in.

Second, you need to update the namesevers on your registrar's dashboard. If your domain is registered with Greens247 simply click here to get guidance on how to do it. If your domain is registered with another registrar, below is a list of registrars, with a link to their website for guidance on how to do it. Domain registrar information is publicly available online through the WHOIS database. If you are unable to determine your domain’s registrar, start searching a website like with your domain name and it will display the name of the registrar.

 Last update: January 09th, 2020

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